they snicker,stare at us,condescending

we ain’t perfect,two rough stones

in a sea of pearls

maybe we never we meant to be conventional

no fairy-tales,star-studded crowns or kingdoms

you the ogre,and I the ugly,sinister witch..

perfect match

you never liked people,never have I

lets indulge ourselves in our dungeon

spider webs strung from the ceiling

beautiful,intricate as our love

let’s be merry in our crooked world

embrace the darkness,

so many shades of perfection

in tune with the universe

one with nature

redefine beauty and love



self doubting and meek

I dragged my gigantic self down

To fit among dwarves

A sight for sore eyes I became

A lump of living matter

Alive but not living

Waiting for tomorrow,for today is filled with emptiness

The future eminent but dreading it still

Never looking at the past’s monochrome

Till I started streching my mind

Dreaming of a future with color

A beautiful crotchet of success and failure

Walked, jogged till I was sprinting toward the finish line

The rugged stones in the distance turned to trophies

It wasn’t a finishing line..

Just a marker to remind me that I had come far


A world eluded by common sense

Stained with injustice,celebrating mediocrity 

The imbeciles bellowing half-truths in hallways,

i wish  to berate with facts

Feeble minded  giants with loud opinions 

I wish to bring  down where they belong

Many a things I want to shout to the world

But I can’t  find my voice

I can only whisper  to myself

Writing my thoughts down,my soul finds rest

Charging into battle,I scribble away

The pen is mightier than the sword


Image result for dying

another rising sun,another day to waste

idle minds,idle hands..the curse of a generation

minds wandering to nowhere

born to live yet counting days till death

forever chasing one thing or the other

till our rickety bones,cry out and give out

busy bustling to and fro,destinations to reach

eyes on the goal,giving up humanity

furiously digging for gold and diamonds,

burying beautiful flowers beneath heaps of soil

souls trampled on the rush to the top

when the old ticker finally gives out,thudding to a stop

ashes to ashes,dust to dust..

did you really live?


Image result for bloody knife

pain shoots through my body

“a warrior nursing battle wounds”

I whisper to heart..

strengthening my soul and resilience

my heart singing,though my flesh is weak

what would I do without you?

your ever gentle hands nurse my wounds

your soothing voice calms my tachycardia

your hearty laughter soothes me

but your heart is dark and furious

your hands stained bright red

blind to your treacherous acts

Oblivious to the darkness roaming your soul

I am content in your presence,entrusting my life to you

why wouldn’t I?dearest friend






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a raging demon inside me

taking my body and soul prisoner

life passes by in a blur

stale moments and fermented lies

audience to the sorrowful story that is my life

I watch as destruction ravages my being

my dreams evaporate into a blurry mist

buried beneath the baggage,shame

life begins after the first sip

but when has one ever been enough?

drunken nights and stupid decisions

It was once called youthfulness

living life on the edge,no regrets

for bad decisions are yesteryear’s wisdom

but here I still am,none the wiser

guzzling my liver to death

stuck on replay

I can’t seem to escape these evil clutches