in this moment

hold me,embrace my perfect imperfections

kiss me,breathe life into this cold,numb body

let our thoughts know heaven

though we live in hell,bound by our demons

let us envision freedom,soaring in the skies above

just in this moment…

let’s not weep,nor indulge in our miseries

let’s frolic and be merry in our desert

bring life and laughter to this hostile,thirsty place

just hold me close,kiss my fears away

tomorrow is never a given

maybe the setting sun,takes with it my last breath

maybe tomorrow will be empty without you

lets paint today colourful with our love




Guardians of the future

work till you sweat blood

cause its about the precious cargo

the stars plucked from the heavens

entrusted in your hands

forever toiling,servant till death

a shepherd herding sheep in a storm

leading sometimes blindly in the dark

trusting instincts, for they trust you

nature versus nature

when nature is a war field

holding your head beneath the water

ready to tear your young cubs into shreds

with words as harsh as the winter winds on delicate skin

and actions so barbaric

yet you shield your cubs,against flaming arrows you stand

bleeding you show no sign of pain

lifting them toward the sunlight,while you remain in the shadows




The end of us

Fearful of the dark,looming clouds

I clutch your hand,trembling

holding on to love,life

darkness creeps towards us

A fortress we can build

If we hold  on to each other

We will emerge on the other side

I turn to you,my light

But you vanish,pulling away

My cold,lonely hands claw frantically at the darkness

Yet you evade my touch

Melting into the darkness

breathing a sigh of relief, you are free

but you live me entrapped in a dark hole

held hostage by memories past,of love

they keep me warm,give me peace

so that I can fall asleep and dream of you

are you ever coming back my love?








Related image

minds held captive

creative geniuses shut down

dream within the bounds set forth

greatness has already been achieved

shackled at the feet

yes you may walk,but not run

you may go here,but use this route

this roads we have built for you

they are the highways to success

this GPS we built for you

why do you need to navigate the stars?

screens and smoking mirrors

we might as well be blindfolded

eyes open,presumably seeing

but we are blind to everything

hands too soft,too weak to grip reality

we fumble in darkness,our own ignorance

sitting in our own filth

attacking each other with a vengeance

when really the powers that be

poked each of us,sat back and enjoyed the show

front row seats,and cried crocodile tears

are we really superior to animals?







the peace after the storm

the wind howls

screaming it flings sand and debris

assaulting all in its path

the trees shake wildly,as they are stripped bare

all life whimper,terror-stricken

the war rages on

till the break of dawn

as the stars give way to morning light

peace and serenity once more

reigns over the land

soothing the hearts and souls of the troubled

the welcome rays of the sun

once more warms those frozen solid

natures rebuilds itself,post calamity

she gathers the sobbing mess in a hug

her wrinkled face,a canvas

telling a story spanning many decades

wisdom illuminated in her brown eyes

“you see my child,darkness..

with its trials and tribulations..

unspeakable horror and evil

is not forever

the scars you bear,are the testimony

of your triumph and glory

for there is beauty in the rugged terrain

broken you become a beautiful mosaic”

half of a woman

cradling him in her arms

slowly rocking to and fro

humming songs ancient,passed down generations

conveying love and comfort

a mother’s soft embrace,love

and he..fruit of her womb

peacefully sleeps,perfect

replica of his father,embodiment of their  love

a woman fulfilled,blessed

her heart overflowing with pure joy,content

beaming down at him,he plants delicate kisses

on his tiny cheeks, his very first..

a perfect family,society’s golden achievement

silently she watches,tears flowing unchecked

instinctively her hand clasps her pelvic

where life refuses to thrive

the grave,where her marriage and womanhood

went to die..

she the outcast of society..the lowest among all women

“barren”they whisper at every damn family function

she now feels empty,lifeless


pssst!so sorry for my long absence,I am now back and hopefully will be able to post more often now.Thanks always!much love





a wolf howling in the full moon

blood dripping down,my blood

my weary body in tatters

my self worth in shreds

that beast ripping out my innards

and I pitifully hobble towards help

staring questioningly,with half baked sympathies

but what did you to him?

you must have provoked him

drew him out of the dark bowels

in which he dwells

taunted him till he charged

I want to scream!

shout my innocence from the highest tower

He attacked me!

bloodthirsty he stalked me

but my cries are drowned by the loud chatter

of biased voices sealing my fate

delivering judgement with no fair trial

I should have been..more careful