“What! it can’t be,I have a mother and a father”,Mpho cried,”sure he tried to kill me,but he raised me,loved me.” She looked at them pleadingly,as if waiting for them to affirm what she was saying.She wanted them to agree,reassure her that all that happened was nothing but a nasty dream.She was going to wake up in her comfy bed,served breakfast in bed by her zillion maids, her only worry being choosing her outfit for the day.”He is not your father,he raised you specifically to kill you when the time was ripe,he most likely stole you from your parents,”Mmoloki said gently.”That would be right you know,”Kgosi who had been silent the whole time chimed in,”my aunt used to curse me and say that I should have died at birth like my other baboon of a sibling”She shook her head,tears running down her face.”I have siblings who adore me,my older brother is coming home next week from the UK,he is studying law at Oxford,”she said looking at Kgosi with disgust.”and why am I listening to you,what do you know heh?do you even know how to read?My father gives to charity,he donates to the poor,pick up a newspaper!”

She bolted,running blindly into the night.”Mpho!come back!,”Kgosi and Mmoloki shouted,running after her.The girl was a sprinter,she ducked between the narrow passages of Old Naledi and soon disappeared from view.She ran as tears ran down her face,till she couldn’t feel her legs anymore and her lungs felt like they could burst.She stopped and looked around,walking toward a shiny surface of what looked like a body of water,and she realized she was at Gaborone Dam.She walked to the surface and washed her face,then gulped the water thirstily.She stopped disgusted at the ease she had drank the water,just two days with those street rats and already she drank dirty water like a dog.They thought she was their friend,and they even had the audacity to think she shared blood with the other low life!She was a Taolo,daughter of the super rich,and well-respected Mothusi Taolo. She was born and bred in the city,attending the best schools,the “it girl”,whom everyone loved to hate,she had the money and looks to back it up.Normally she wouldn’t even had talked to the scumbags,but that night she was scared and tired and they helped,but to hell with them.She would go home and her father would pay them,whatever amount they wanted.But she was not going home just yet,she would go to her best friend’s place,shower and eat,before heading home,her parents were probably sick with worry.They were going to spoil her rotten,she smiled thinking of the palace she called home.Yes…home,to hell with those stray dogs and their voodoo magic!

(At the other side of town in a dilapidated hut…)

The old,thin man danced wildly around the hut,naked except for beads and bones hanging around his neck.His long nails,blackened waving frantically in the air,his shriveled bottom  had beads of sweat running down,and his small package hang limply,a very unpleasant  sight. He looked like he was in a trance,sweating profusely and chanting in an unknown language.He stopped suddenly and dropped down,then pulled a twig and started chewing.”The lambs have separated,the other one is alone,it is now time for slaughter,”he boomed,his voice stronger than his frail bones.”but what about the other one?her brother,”the fat man,Mr Taolo asked.”He is with this other little boy,a novice..”he replied casually.

“The little boy is also a witch doctor?”Mr Taolo asked confusedly,rubbing his fat belly.”like I said ..he poses no problem at all,he will also be killed,that one would be mine,”the witchdoctor said smiling,”I am not called Nkodiaboga for nothing!The girl will go to someone she trusts,to stay there on her way home,if those boys don’t find her first..she will come home.Time is of essence,go take her from her friend’s home and kill her,her brother will follow,her blood will draw him out”His hands shook with excitement,they were on the verge of greatness,so much power..That little which doctor  boy was just mucus to be wiped,he posed no threat,to weak to protect the twins……





Mmoloki stared into the darkness,unable to sleep.Kgosi snored beside him, and Mpho slept a little further away from them.She looked vulnerable,hugging her knees,like a little child.She had spent the entire day in the shack,as Mmoloki and Kgosi went out to sell cans and bottles to recycling companies.

He felt his legs getting heavy,a tingling sensation in his arms.He started gasping for air,a heaviness settling in his chest.He  looked around frantically trying to call to Kgosi or Mpho,but no sound came out.He couldn’t move a muscle, and he lay there terrified,eyes shut .Suddenly he heard voices,it sounded like old people.He opened his eyes and looked around.He was in a hut,laying on a mat.The voices were outside,he sat there disoriented ,afraid to venture out.Clay pots filled with traditional beer were the only thing in the hut.He heard the sound of cattle,whistles of the herd-boys as they ran behind them.Where was he?

He stood up and stuck his head outside the door.Four old men sat in traditional wooden chairs smoking pipes,under the shade of  a large morula tree. A pot of traditional beer sat in front of them.They were dressed in traditional clothes,made of leather skins,sandals on their feet.One of them motioned to him,and Mmoloki crossed the yard timidly to them.”Sit down!,the one wearing a lion skin on his back commanded. Mmoloki sat down,head bowed.”look into this pot,what do you see?”,one of the old men said.

He looked into the pot of traditional beer and images began to form.Mpho and Kgosi appeared,sleeping under a tree.A large black mamba looked down at them from the branches,while a lion crouched in the bushes.Twelve or so men,advanced towards them,searching the bushes,tracking their footsteps.They carried knives,axes,knobkerries and a whole lot of dangerous tools.A large man with a big stomach walked with them,dressed in expensive looking clothes.The other  men wore overalls,and looked shabby.They reached the two siblings and encircled them,who tired and hungry,had no energy to even sit up.The large well dressed man instructed the men who removed their body parts as they cried,no sound coming from their dry,parched lips.The large man drank blood straight  from their hearts,and left with his men,wiping his chin,a cruel smile on his face.Mpho and Kgosi’s bodies bled,and as their blood seeped through the soil,the sky darkened,a large whirlwind swept through the land,destroying everything.A drought hit the land,as rain refused to fall and rivers ran dry.Animals died in large numbers,and people,thin and frail sat waiting for death.Darkness enveloped the land,no moon or stars shined at night, as evil took over.The images disappeared   and he looked at the old men,afraid and confused.

“That boy and girl are very important,if they die,humanity suffers,”the lion skin old man said,”they are in great danger,that man,parading as their  father is trying to kill them”He explained that the two siblings were twins and  had great power,they were blessed by ancestors while still in the womb.They could heal people,give them riches,bless the infertile with kids.They had the powers of the ancestors,and were mediating and helping people on their behalf.They were of royal blood,their father and great-grandfathers before them had been kings of the Bakgalagari tribe.That great power meant that,if they were killed for muti,the person would also harness that power,and become just as powerful.

“you are able to link with us,we will guide you and show you visions to help you.The twins are still babies,their powers have not matured,but you on the other hand are a traditional doctor.”The old men gave Mmoloki a pouch filled with small bones.”use this bones to guide you”,they said.Mmoloki stared at them bewildered,”but I don’t know how to use them”he said.”you will know,it is within you,this is your calling”,the old man clad in lionskin said kindly.”now go and protect them,you are Mmoloki(Saviour)go save them and the entire land from evil.”




The little boy knelt down in front his aunt,his big T-shirt,torn but clean was neatly tucked into his over sized trousers.A black strip of cloth served as a belt.He wore two shoes,too large for his feet,sewn into place and held together by wires.His skin,dry and cracked however showed evidenced of having been bathed.”Good morning,I don’t have money for school today”he said,eyes cast down.The woman continued knitting not even acknowledging him.He fearfully raised his eyes,”can I please have a taxi fare,”he asked softly.Without warning warning a shoe landed on his head.”do I have to feed you,clothe you and also give you money for sweets Kgosi!”she roared.Kgosi sprung up,one of his big shoes falling out,he stood a short distance away.”Your age-mates are out there working,you shouldn’t even be going to school,”Mma Tumelo,his aunt yelled at him.

Her eldest son,Tumelo sneaked  behind him and grabbed him by the neck.He yelped,trying to escape his grip.”shut up!I will give you something to scream about,”he shouted taking out his belt.His mother held him down as he mercilessly whipped him.”Your father drives big cars at Gaborone,his dogs eat better than us,”Mma Tumello screamed at him,”I had to take care of your AIDS ridden mother,now you too?who knows,maybe you are infected and will give us that disease”They finally let go and he ran behind the house,crying.”Taolo is living large,he owns malls,but he cant support his piece of trash child here,”she continued shouting.shouting. Kgosi sobbed,his whole body sore and painful.Why did his mother had to die?Why did his father abandon him?He was one of the richest man in Botswana,surely he could afford him?

Kgosi snapped out his painful reverie,a lump in his throat.He shook his head as if it would get rid  of the ugly memories.”hello sister,how was life at the big mansion?”he said,turning to Mpho.She flung herself into his arms,crying.He honestly did not know how he felt about her.What would you do,if you met your half sister,running away from your father,who was trying to kill her?A wealthy father who abandoned you,leaving you to a life of misery and pain. Mmoloki observed the reunion ,not speaking a word.They had been brought together by painful events,whether they would stick together and emerge alive,unharmed  was another story.

At the other side of town,the big man paced his large office sweating,though  the temperature in the air-conditioned office was set to the minimum.The two men in the couch,rubbed their hands together nevously,perched on the edge of their seats as if they would bolt at any minute.”it is crucial that you find her,and kill her this time!he addressed the two men.His phone rang and his answered,”hello Mr Malaka !no will we find her….the idiots will kill her this time..I will do it personally if I have to…thank you sir..bye!”

“Find her and kill her,no!bring her to me!”,he roared at his men and they scrambled out of the office.The little snake had slithered out of his grasp,but he would fin her,no matter what it took.He had to..She had to die




Mpho opened her eyes lazily,her whole body was aching.She realised she was sleeping on a cardboard box on the ground.The makeshift shelter she had been sleeping in was made of cardboard boxes.Three of four 2l bottles filled with water lined the other side of the wall.A crate of soda cans and  beer bottles were the only other thing in the shelter.Her head was pounding,every muscle in her body stiff.She sat up,holding her head in her hands.The two boys from last night were nowhere to be seen.Her stomach started rumbling, and she remembered she last ate around twelve o’clock yesterday.

She stuck her head out,then quickly withdrew.What if the men were outside?Tears filled her eyes as the events of yesterday came to mind.She had been terrified,seeing the “instruments”,the knives,small axe and a collection of other sharp things,in a white bucket.She shuddered,remembering the look in her father’s eyes,cold,evil,soulless.It was as if the man didn’t know her.The boys had been nice,she remembered the tall one,comforting her as she cried.It would be safe to stick with them.They were street kids,they could be useful.They knew these streets more than anyone,and they knew how to survive them.

She heard footsteps approaching,her heart started beating fast.”Dumelang!(good morning),the tall boy from last night said,sticking his head in.”morning,”she muttered.Why was he so cheerful?She was glad to see them,relief sweeping over her face.”you thought we had bounced,didn’t you?he asked amused.The other boy came into view,sitting down in front of her.”hi,I am Mmoloki and this here is my friend Kgosi,”he said gesturing at the tall boy.He was handsome,really handsome,like those models she always poured over in magazines.He was just perfect,medium built,with big black eyes.Even with the ragged,big overalls he was wearing,he was just a marvel to look at.”i am Mpho,”she said quickly averting her eyes.A girl could get lost in those eyes.”so Mpho what are you doing here?Kgosi asked.

She cried,launching into her story.Her father’s driver had picked her up from the mall,to drop her at home,but he never did.He had delivered her to a group of four men,to do the “deed”Her father had been there,and he had not acknowleged her,instructing the men to deliver the package at his office.Once she recovered from her shock,she had bolted,as they deliberated on who was to be the butcher.Running was her strongest point,and she had run blindly until she found the main road,staying in the bushes she had walked until she reached town.She had a feeling of being watched,and had ran around until she found the boys.

“so what is your father’s name?,Mmoloki asked thoughtfully.”Mothusi  Taolo”,she said.Mmoloki and Kgosi looked at each other,Mpho looked at them confused.”you know him?she asked.”Yes I know the bastard!He is my father,Kgosi spat angrily…


Mmoloki woke up with a start and glanced about.It was as if someone had shook him from his deep slumber.His bestfriend Kgosi gently snored beside him.The night was still, with no movement in the dark street.He looked around uneasily,an eerie feeling settling on him.Back in the village,his grandmother had always said that he had a sixth sense,a supernatural one,a great power which could either be good or evil.

Looking up he saw a young girl running toward them.She looked tired,her dress in tatters.He got up and motioned toward her,she staggered toward him,collapsing in his arms.He half-dragged,half lifted her toward the makeshift shelter in the shadows and laid her down.Kgosi opened his eyes slightly at the commotion,then sat up,bewildered.He searched for some water and gave it to Mmoloki who lifted it to the girl’s lips.She drank the whole litre thirstily then laid her head down.”who is she?where is she from from?do you know her?,”Kgosi fired the questions.Mmoloki shook his head.”I just found her running down the street,and she looked like she needed help”he explained.Kgosi cast a glance at the girl,she was still breathing heavily,her feet encrusted with mud and blood,her expensive looking dress was torn.Her hair plaited into cornrows,was full of sand.A simple gold necklace with a handbag like ornament, hang around her neck.

“They were going to kill me,they sold me..,”she rasped,”please don’t let them get me”The boys looked at each other,then at the girl.”my father..they wanted to kill me for muti(witchcraft),”she mumbled,tears running down her face.Ritual murders,though not widely talked about,were rampant.They harvested the eyes,private parts,heart and brain.Those who knew said that the body parts had to be harvested while the person was still alive,otherwise the muti would not work.The body parts were used for portions to make one rich,”strengthen them” or for luck.It was a cruel way to die and the victim’s bodies were rarely ever seen.She started sobbing uncontrollably with Kgosi doing his best to calm her down.After about thirty minutes or so she finally calmed down and slept.

The two boys sat in silence,each lost in their own thoughts.The girl looked like someone with a home,a rich one at that.She looked well-kept,and that necklace and earrings  looked like they could fetch a pretty penny.Why would her father want to kill her?,was she a sacrifice?If anything,her father would have killed someone else’s daughter,instead of his own.It would most likely mean her father had acquired his wealth through ritual killings as well.And if she managed to escape,they would certainly be looking for her,because she now knew the secret.”she is surrounded by darkness,she is in grave danger”Mmoloki said,head bowed.Kgosi understood without question.He knew his friend could predict the future and he was able to see things,scary things,that other people could not.They both knew they couldn’t turn her away.Her blood would be on their hands, and that would be a bad omen.

Mmoloki closed his eyes,he rarely prayed,but this time he knew he needed divine help.”please guide and protect us..,he silently prayed.He did’nt know whether he was praying to God or the ancestors,but if either one responded,that would certainly be great.He saw darkness and sorrow in the horizon,blood gushing through the land and  vultures circled above.The girl was bringing trouble,great trouble…

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