the peace after the storm

the wind howls

screaming it flings sand and debris

assaulting all in its path

the trees shake wildly,as they are stripped bare

all life whimper,terror-stricken

the war rages on

till the break of dawn

as the stars give way to morning light

peace and serenity once more

reigns over the land

soothing the hearts and souls of the troubled

the welcome rays of the sun

once more warms those frozen solid

natures rebuilds itself,post calamity

she gathers the sobbing mess in a hug

her wrinkled face,a canvas

telling a story spanning many decades

wisdom illuminated in her brown eyes

“you see my child,darkness..

with its trials and tribulations..

unspeakable horror and evil

is not forever

the scars you bear,are the testimony

of your triumph and glory

for there is beauty in the rugged terrain

broken you become a beautiful mosaic”


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