half of a woman

cradling him in her arms

slowly rocking to and fro

humming songs ancient,passed down generations

conveying love and comfort

a mother’s soft embrace,love

and he..fruit of her womb

peacefully sleeps,perfect

replica of his father,embodiment of their  love

a woman fulfilled,blessed

her heart overflowing with pure joy,content

beaming down at him,he plants delicate kisses

on his tiny cheeks, his very first..

a perfect family,society’s golden achievement

silently she watches,tears flowing unchecked

instinctively her hand clasps her pelvic

where life refuses to thrive

the grave,where her marriage and womanhood

went to die..

she the outcast of society..the lowest among all women

“barren”they whisper at every damn family function

she now feels empty,lifeless


pssst!so sorry for my long absence,I am now back and hopefully will be able to post more often now.Thanks always!much love





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