Black And White, Woman, Dark, Hidden, Eye, Fear, Spooky

A haunting in my house

I,the recipient of the curse

unbeknown to most

the shadows engulf me

darkness drowning me

love shuns me,spits on me

I, the unlucky one

kicked to the curb

punched out of the ring of love

bruised,broken and alone

nursing my broken soul

to keep a semblance of normality

for who would believe me?

for he is my knight in shining amour..they say

we have sailed off to our happily ever after

if only they knew…

the demon masquerading as God’s angel

the monster terrorising me

demolishing my sense of self,my pride

barricaded me inside the burning house

as I claw at the walls,helpless

my resolution and will to live melting into tears

pools of despair,self-loathing flowing down

the aged,battered  face,forever masked in makeup

as he stands before me,

his eyes red with anger,fire leaping in the dark hollows

where love once shone

that day…when I said “i do”

how would I have known

that I was descending into hell?


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