a force of nature

an ocean at rest

perceived a dove,docile and soft

an open book,written in Latin,the language of love

perused by the passionate

understood by the dedicated  scholars

a romantic,yearning intimacy and love

yet too afraid to open up and leap into oblivion

a lover of people, yet too crippled to function socially

a lover of words,an imagination too colourful and vivid

a freak of nature,understood by a few

humbled by life,strengthened by pain

barbered wire across the fortress

guarding treasures within

layers upon layers..a riddle too mind-boggling to solve

a fortress grey and dark,forlorn

but within a warm fire burns,to warm your cold heart

truly I tell you..sift through the layers tirelessly

for the reward is great

once you touch her soul,engraved in her heart

unlock her crazy

life becomes just a little bit bearable and warm

you just need to understand her,love her as is

and the world is yours




Bokang Kegorogile


A birthday dedication to myself.I came into this world hollering on this day,18 April 1995.Happy birthday to me!22 years of age






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