Earthquake!?In Botswana?Really?

So last night around 2040 in the evening,yours truly is relaxed in the couch listening to Jon Bellion..He is amazing by the way!if you havent heard any of his songs,you are missing out on some great music!So I am singing off key to “Fashion” and suddenly I see the door trembling.My first thought was an intruder was trying to break the door.My body temperature plummets down very fast and I remove the headsets.I can hear the gate,doors and cabinets rattling loudly now.Ofcourse being the coward I am,I freeze completely with my ticker being the only functioning organ,thudding louldy.My two roommates Tutu and Sesame come running from their bedrooms and Tutu shouts at me to open the door.Zombified I manage to reach the door and freeze with the doorknob in my hand.Don’t you dare judge me..I told you i am a coward.”Open the door!,Tutu’s voice snaps me out of my auto-pilot mode and I open the door.

Sprinting outside we stand confusedly,scared shitless(excuse the language).The ground is trembling beneath us,everything including the house is shaking,and there is a sound almost  like a large army tank passing(I am assuming they are loud,only seen them in the movies).”Is it a plane, a large plane landing?”Sesame I think, offers.I mean we live near the airport but that theory doesn’t hold water…The airport is very busy,surely planes come and go without shaking the houses?”are we the only once experiencing this?,”Tutu asks.We are just too bewildered to answer.We live in a suburb with high walls,and electric fences,where everybody does their own thing,so really we have no way of knowing.

When everything finally stops we go back inside and that is when I realise my knees are shaking.The fear is now more pronounced since everything has calmed down.I sag down on the bed,breathing deeply.Facebook is exploding with status updates,and my timeline is exploding.”was that an earthquake?”,”did anybody else feel that”,”the ground is shaking in Jwaneng”.It is just pure madness,and judging from the updates,it has been felt all over the country,Botswana.

The US Geological Survey(USGS) put the preliminary magnitude of the earthquake at 6.5,with tremors felt across southern Africa,including South Africa,Mozambique and Zimbabwe.The earthquake struck at a depth of just 11km.The epicenter of the earthquake was  in a remote region close to the Ghanzi District,about 230 km north of the capital Gaborone.No casualties have been reported so far,nor damage to property according to the government spokesperson,Jeff Ramsay.

Now you may never have heard of Botswana.It is a beautiful,landlocked country in southern Africa with a population of 2 million.It shares boarders with South Africa,Namibia and Zimbabwe.You might have heard of the Okavango Delta,surely you have,up in the northern part of the country and the Kalahari desert(I wrote a poem about it)in the western part of the country,spreading into Namibia and South Africa.It is a peaceful country,the only times I see soldiers shooting,is at the annual BDF(Botswana Defence Force) day celebrations.So bombs are concepts foreign to us,hence no one thought it might be that.Earthquakes,tornados,snow,volcanoes are things we see on tv..hence tropical cylone”named Dineo,which caused flooding in some areas stirred a whole lot of interest.We rarely make international news,election come and go every 5 years,we just celebrated 50 years of independence,which was a peaceful transition of power,no security risks or terrorist catch where I am going right?

Now Batswana are very humorous people,and Facebook is our playfield.Five or so minutes after the initial shock, the updates turned comical.”OK who dropped a Nokia 3310 in Botswana?”,one asked.”first it was cyclone an earthquake?Botswana has gone digital!”,one mused.”This earthquakes just revealed a lot of things..people running outside in their underwear!”,”we have just had an about some snow now?!”Those who were driving said they did not feel anything,and asked about round two.Others felt that indeed the end times are near,calling for all to call on to Jesus.

Numerous groups, individuals and news outlets shared safety precautions during earthquakes.This was definitely a wake up call for us.If next time we experience such,we would be in a better position to react in a more orderly,safe manner.We thank God no one was hurt,and now we can look back and laugh at the hilarity which insued.Years will roll by and one day,but this will forever be imprinted in our minds.And knowing Batswana,every year on April 3rd,there will always be that”hey do you remember that earthquake when you were screaming like a little baby?”,or Facebook posts like”you people are too quite,you need that earthquake to rouse you!”

It sure would be nice to have snow though..just saying!


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