beauty prognosticated by her name

a soul  pure,emitting light golden

manifested by  a pearly smile

pools of love,kindness in the depths of her brown eyes

drawing you in,calling you

to throw down your burdens

she sees your worn down body

your tortured soul,knowing no comfort

your patched,dry throat,so sore

such that no sound comes from your lips

she calls softly,her heart breaking for you

yearning to offer if not a trickle of water

fiddling at the chains binding you

helpless as the iron turns rusty

you sag down,a heap of defeat

she keeps vigil by your side

a frown marring her beautiful face

her light still shines

she believes in you..though you are a lost cause

still believes she can free you

as time rolls by,her light flickers and dims

slowly she erodes away

pieces of her flown to all corners of the world

till she is no more,a skeleton

guarding a heap of dry bones





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