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just when  darkness was claiming me

when my breath became laboured,my chest tightening

the vines around my wrists climbing up my neck

you, the Nightingale that you are

kept vigil,nursed my bruised and battered body to health

never leaving my side,till I regained my strength and will to fly

you,the magnificence that you are

refined me,exalted me to higher places

worthy to dine with the Lords and queens

you,the alchemist that you are

smelted and rebuilt my heart,once faulty and rusty

into a pure masterpiece, of pure gold

you,yes you,the lover of my soul,caretaker of my heart

 you have flown to be with the other angels

though I miss you,I am not lonely,nor empty

our memories imprinted in my brain

this heart is engraved with your name

I’m forever yours,and you forever mine



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