disturbed perception





Image result for dark  images of mirrors
photo credit ( http://www.pinterest.com)

staring at my reflection in the mirror

a hideous  creature with a semblance to me stares

back through the jagged surface

a chill runs down my spine as adrenaline floods my system

I freeze,gaping at the mirror, wheezing

thoughts evaporate like smoke into thin air

hands shaking..I clasp them together

the beast in the mirror vanishes

suddenly I’m face to face with myself

petrified,drenched in sweat

my mind working in overdrive,fails to register

was it reality?or maybe just  my subconscious 

bringing forth beasts from the deep bowels

of my fragmented dark mind

is it why I’m afraid of the dark?

or maybe just a pointer that

I should be more  afraid of myself



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