what happened to my Africa?

"Far-right conservative churches establish influence on anti-gay policy in Africa. Gay Ugandans face daily fear for their lives." I saw a documentary on this. American right wing churches going to Uganda and preaching hatred for gay people. If you want to help people, you think education and FOOD would be primary, not hate. Biddy Craft:

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my motherland

the land of beauty,rich in fauna and diamonds,gold

this land,in days of past

when children met under the stars to play in the moonlight

when women and men danced to the rhythm of the drums

the music so sweet to the ears,medicine to the heart

 I weep for the  wretched generation of today

with no respect for the old,nor the values once held dear

of family,tribe and togetherness

the family,society disintegrating

led by wicked,vile men of small minds,governed by greed

destroying what once was a treasure

now war,corruption run rampant,cries of despair now echo in the valley

innocents slain,their blood spilt in vain

now children with old man faces,stick figures

stare into nothingness,faces devoid of life

 poverty and starvation when the land they walk on is so rich

I weep for what once was..

I weep for my Africa







  1. This poem leaves me feeling distraught, but also ready do something — preserve our heritage, spark a cultural renaissance… something, anything! There are so many beautiful traditions and ways of life on the continent, many of which are radically different from the back-and-mind-breaking ways of the coloniser. The world needs Africa. Not as an object to exploit but as a treasure to be cherished. As a diasporan, I certainly do and I certainly will. They might take our materials, but only we can allow them to steal our heart.


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