“What! it can’t be,I have a mother and a father”,Mpho cried,”sure he tried to kill me,but he raised me,loved me.” She looked at them pleadingly,as if waiting for them to affirm what she was saying.She wanted them to agree,reassure her that all that happened was nothing but a nasty dream.She was going to wake up in her comfy bed,served breakfast in bed by her zillion maids, her only worry being choosing her outfit for the day.”He is not your father,he raised you specifically to kill you when the time was ripe,he most likely stole you from your parents,”Mmoloki said gently.”That would be right you know,”Kgosi who had been silent the whole time chimed in,”my aunt used to curse me and say that I should have died at birth like my other baboon of a sibling”She shook her head,tears running down her face.”I have siblings who adore me,my older brother is coming home next week from the UK,he is studying law at Oxford,”she said looking at Kgosi with disgust.”and why am I listening to you,what do you know heh?do you even know how to read?My father gives to charity,he donates to the poor,pick up a newspaper!”

She bolted,running blindly into the night.”Mpho!come back!,”Kgosi and Mmoloki shouted,running after her.The girl was a sprinter,she ducked between the narrow passages of Old Naledi and soon disappeared from view.She ran as tears ran down her face,till she couldn’t feel her legs anymore and her lungs felt like they could burst.She stopped and looked around,walking toward a shiny surface of what looked like a body of water,and she realized she was at Gaborone Dam.She walked to the surface and washed her face,then gulped the water thirstily.She stopped disgusted at the ease she had drank the water,just two days with those street rats and already she drank dirty water like a dog.They thought she was their friend,and they even had the audacity to think she shared blood with the other low life!She was a Taolo,daughter of the super rich,and well-respected Mothusi Taolo. She was born and bred in the city,attending the best schools,the “it girl”,whom everyone loved to hate,she had the money and looks to back it up.Normally she wouldn’t even had talked to the scumbags,but that night she was scared and tired and they helped,but to hell with them.She would go home and her father would pay them,whatever amount they wanted.But she was not going home just yet,she would go to her best friend’s place,shower and eat,before heading home,her parents were probably sick with worry.They were going to spoil her rotten,she smiled thinking of the palace she called home.Yes…home,to hell with those stray dogs and their voodoo magic!

(At the other side of town in a dilapidated hut…)

The old,thin man danced wildly around the hut,naked except for beads and bones hanging around his neck.His long nails,blackened waving frantically in the air,his shriveled bottom  had beads of sweat running down,and his small package hang limply,a very unpleasant  sight. He looked like he was in a trance,sweating profusely and chanting in an unknown language.He stopped suddenly and dropped down,then pulled a twig and started chewing.”The lambs have separated,the other one is alone,it is now time for slaughter,”he boomed,his voice stronger than his frail bones.”but what about the other one?her brother,”the fat man,Mr Taolo asked.”He is with this other little boy,a novice..”he replied casually.

“The little boy is also a witch doctor?”Mr Taolo asked confusedly,rubbing his fat belly.”like I said ..he poses no problem at all,he will also be killed,that one would be mine,”the witchdoctor said smiling,”I am not called Nkodiaboga for nothing!The girl will go to someone she trusts,to stay there on her way home,if those boys don’t find her first..she will come home.Time is of essence,go take her from her friend’s home and kill her,her brother will follow,her blood will draw him out”His hands shook with excitement,they were on the verge of greatness,so much power..That little which doctor  boy was just mucus to be wiped,he posed no threat,to weak to protect the twins……




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