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sometimes I wonder

when I am no longer of this world

when my heart stops beating and my body goes cold

when news of my demise ripples through town

who will weep for me,heartfelt pain

who will be the gossip mongers at my funeral

the show stoppers,with cries as loud  as a trumpet but

empty in feeling,hearts glad but faces twisted in mock grief

who will truly mourn me?

will I be missed,my absence felt or will I be forgotten

like the sound of rain in a desert , a memory distant

who will visit my grave, reminisce on times past,

memories of a life golden

remember my smile,the sound of my laugh

when memories are all that is  left of me

the book of my life closed,the chapters finished

will the readers find closure?or will it leave them yearning for more

or will it be pity?





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