being an adult must be the greatest thing ever!

my naive ten-year old self thought

alas!it was not what I discovered

bolting into adulthood,breathless and sweating

from the carefree and melodramatic teenhood

bewildered, like a baby antelope separated from its herd

ooh!university, years of running behind assignments deadlines and exams

wasnt it supposed to be fun?

yipeee!graduation,beautiful and regal in my gown

then thrust into the bustling life of responsibilities and bills

“when are you getting married?”soon they will ask

i just want to scream!let my frustrations out

to just take  a breather,regain my balance

someone just needs to give me a pat in the shoulder

and say it will be all right

as I ascent,against the failures and disappointments

finding my place in the world

toward glory,for my throne is waiting




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