Mmoloki stared into the darkness,unable to sleep.Kgosi snored beside him, and Mpho slept a little further away from them.She looked vulnerable,hugging her knees,like a little child.She had spent the entire day in the shack,as Mmoloki and Kgosi went out to sell cans and bottles to recycling companies.

He felt his legs getting heavy,a tingling sensation in his arms.He started gasping for air,a heaviness settling in his chest.He  looked around frantically trying to call to Kgosi or Mpho,but no sound came out.He couldn’t move a muscle, and he lay there terrified,eyes shut .Suddenly he heard voices,it sounded like old people.He opened his eyes and looked around.He was in a hut,laying on a mat.The voices were outside,he sat there disoriented ,afraid to venture out.Clay pots filled with traditional beer were the only thing in the hut.He heard the sound of cattle,whistles of the herd-boys as they ran behind them.Where was he?

He stood up and stuck his head outside the door.Four old men sat in traditional wooden chairs smoking pipes,under the shade of  a large morula tree. A pot of traditional beer sat in front of them.They were dressed in traditional clothes,made of leather skins,sandals on their feet.One of them motioned to him,and Mmoloki crossed the yard timidly to them.”Sit down!,the one wearing a lion skin on his back commanded. Mmoloki sat down,head bowed.”look into this pot,what do you see?”,one of the old men said.

He looked into the pot of traditional beer and images began to form.Mpho and Kgosi appeared,sleeping under a tree.A large black mamba looked down at them from the branches,while a lion crouched in the bushes.Twelve or so men,advanced towards them,searching the bushes,tracking their footsteps.They carried knives,axes,knobkerries and a whole lot of dangerous tools.A large man with a big stomach walked with them,dressed in expensive looking clothes.The other  men wore overalls,and looked shabby.They reached the two siblings and encircled them,who tired and hungry,had no energy to even sit up.The large well dressed man instructed the men who removed their body parts as they cried,no sound coming from their dry,parched lips.The large man drank blood straight  from their hearts,and left with his men,wiping his chin,a cruel smile on his face.Mpho and Kgosi’s bodies bled,and as their blood seeped through the soil,the sky darkened,a large whirlwind swept through the land,destroying everything.A drought hit the land,as rain refused to fall and rivers ran dry.Animals died in large numbers,and people,thin and frail sat waiting for death.Darkness enveloped the land,no moon or stars shined at night, as evil took over.The images disappeared   and he looked at the old men,afraid and confused.

“That boy and girl are very important,if they die,humanity suffers,”the lion skin old man said,”they are in great danger,that man,parading as their  father is trying to kill them”He explained that the two siblings were twins and  had great power,they were blessed by ancestors while still in the womb.They could heal people,give them riches,bless the infertile with kids.They had the powers of the ancestors,and were mediating and helping people on their behalf.They were of royal blood,their father and great-grandfathers before them had been kings of the Bakgalagari tribe.That great power meant that,if they were killed for muti,the person would also harness that power,and become just as powerful.

“you are able to link with us,we will guide you and show you visions to help you.The twins are still babies,their powers have not matured,but you on the other hand are a traditional doctor.”The old men gave Mmoloki a pouch filled with small bones.”use this bones to guide you”,they said.Mmoloki stared at them bewildered,”but I don’t know how to use them”he said.”you will know,it is within you,this is your calling”,the old man clad in lionskin said kindly.”now go and protect them,you are Mmoloki(Saviour)go save them and the entire land from evil.”




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