The little boy knelt down in front his aunt,his big T-shirt,torn but clean was neatly tucked into his over sized trousers.A black strip of cloth served as a belt.He wore two shoes,too large for his feet,sewn into place and held together by wires.His skin,dry and cracked however showed evidenced of having been bathed.”Good morning,I don’t have money for school today”he said,eyes cast down.The woman continued knitting not even acknowledging him.He fearfully raised his eyes,”can I please have a taxi fare,”he asked softly.Without warning warning a shoe landed on his head.”do I have to feed you,clothe you and also give you money for sweets Kgosi!”she roared.Kgosi sprung up,one of his big shoes falling out,he stood a short distance away.”Your age-mates are out there working,you shouldn’t even be going to school,”Mma Tumelo,his aunt yelled at him.

Her eldest son,Tumelo sneaked  behind him and grabbed him by the neck.He yelped,trying to escape his grip.”shut up!I will give you something to scream about,”he shouted taking out his belt.His mother held him down as he mercilessly whipped him.”Your father drives big cars at Gaborone,his dogs eat better than us,”Mma Tumello screamed at him,”I had to take care of your AIDS ridden mother,now you too?who knows,maybe you are infected and will give us that disease”They finally let go and he ran behind the house,crying.”Taolo is living large,he owns malls,but he cant support his piece of trash child here,”she continued shouting.shouting. Kgosi sobbed,his whole body sore and painful.Why did his mother had to die?Why did his father abandon him?He was one of the richest man in Botswana,surely he could afford him?

Kgosi snapped out his painful reverie,a lump in his throat.He shook his head as if it would get rid  of the ugly memories.”hello sister,how was life at the big mansion?”he said,turning to Mpho.She flung herself into his arms,crying.He honestly did not know how he felt about her.What would you do,if you met your half sister,running away from your father,who was trying to kill her?A wealthy father who abandoned you,leaving you to a life of misery and pain. Mmoloki observed the reunion ,not speaking a word.They had been brought together by painful events,whether they would stick together and emerge alive,unharmed  was another story.

At the other side of town,the big man paced his large office sweating,though  the temperature in the air-conditioned office was set to the minimum.The two men in the couch,rubbed their hands together nevously,perched on the edge of their seats as if they would bolt at any minute.”it is crucial that you find her,and kill her this time!he addressed the two men.His phone rang and his answered,”hello Mr Malaka !no will we find her….the idiots will kill her this time..I will do it personally if I have to…thank you sir..bye!”

“Find her and kill her,no!bring her to me!”,he roared at his men and they scrambled out of the office.The little snake had slithered out of his grasp,but he would fin her,no matter what it took.He had to..She had to die



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