Mpho opened her eyes lazily,her whole body was aching.She realised she was sleeping on a cardboard box on the ground.The makeshift shelter she had been sleeping in was made of cardboard boxes.Three of four 2l bottles filled with water lined the other side of the wall.A crate of soda cans and  beer bottles were the only other thing in the shelter.Her head was pounding,every muscle in her body stiff.She sat up,holding her head in her hands.The two boys from last night were nowhere to be seen.Her stomach started rumbling, and she remembered she last ate around twelve o’clock yesterday.

She stuck her head out,then quickly withdrew.What if the men were outside?Tears filled her eyes as the events of yesterday came to mind.She had been terrified,seeing the “instruments”,the knives,small axe and a collection of other sharp things,in a white bucket.She shuddered,remembering the look in her father’s eyes,cold,evil,soulless.It was as if the man didn’t know her.The boys had been nice,she remembered the tall one,comforting her as she cried.It would be safe to stick with them.They were street kids,they could be useful.They knew these streets more than anyone,and they knew how to survive them.

She heard footsteps approaching,her heart started beating fast.”Dumelang!(good morning),the tall boy from last night said,sticking his head in.”morning,”she muttered.Why was he so cheerful?She was glad to see them,relief sweeping over her face.”you thought we had bounced,didn’t you?he asked amused.The other boy came into view,sitting down in front of her.”hi,I am Mmoloki and this here is my friend Kgosi,”he said gesturing at the tall boy.He was handsome,really handsome,like those models she always poured over in magazines.He was just perfect,medium built,with big black eyes.Even with the ragged,big overalls he was wearing,he was just a marvel to look at.”i am Mpho,”she said quickly averting her eyes.A girl could get lost in those eyes.”so Mpho what are you doing here?Kgosi asked.

She cried,launching into her story.Her father’s driver had picked her up from the mall,to drop her at home,but he never did.He had delivered her to a group of four men,to do the “deed”Her father had been there,and he had not acknowleged her,instructing the men to deliver the package at his office.Once she recovered from her shock,she had bolted,as they deliberated on who was to be the butcher.Running was her strongest point,and she had run blindly until she found the main road,staying in the bushes she had walked until she reached town.She had a feeling of being watched,and had ran around until she found the boys.

“so what is your father’s name?,Mmoloki asked thoughtfully.”Mothusi  Taolo”,she said.Mmoloki and Kgosi looked at each other,Mpho looked at them confused.”you know him?she asked.”Yes I know the bastard!He is my father,Kgosi spat angrily…


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