Mmoloki woke up with a start and glanced about.It was as if someone had shook him from his deep slumber.His bestfriend Kgosi gently snored beside him.The night was still, with no movement in the dark street.He looked around uneasily,an eerie feeling settling on him.Back in the village,his grandmother had always said that he had a sixth sense,a supernatural one,a great power which could either be good or evil.

Looking up he saw a young girl running toward them.She looked tired,her dress in tatters.He got up and motioned toward her,she staggered toward him,collapsing in his arms.He half-dragged,half lifted her toward the makeshift shelter in the shadows and laid her down.Kgosi opened his eyes slightly at the commotion,then sat up,bewildered.He searched for some water and gave it to Mmoloki who lifted it to the girl’s lips.She drank the whole litre thirstily then laid her head down.”who is she?where is she from from?do you know her?,”Kgosi fired the questions.Mmoloki shook his head.”I just found her running down the street,and she looked like she needed help”he explained.Kgosi cast a glance at the girl,she was still breathing heavily,her feet encrusted with mud and blood,her expensive looking dress was torn.Her hair plaited into cornrows,was full of sand.A simple gold necklace with a handbag like ornament, hang around her neck.

“They were going to kill me,they sold me..,”she rasped,”please don’t let them get me”The boys looked at each other,then at the girl.”my father..they wanted to kill me for muti(witchcraft),”she mumbled,tears running down her face.Ritual murders,though not widely talked about,were rampant.They harvested the eyes,private parts,heart and brain.Those who knew said that the body parts had to be harvested while the person was still alive,otherwise the muti would not work.The body parts were used for portions to make one rich,”strengthen them” or for luck.It was a cruel way to die and the victim’s bodies were rarely ever seen.She started sobbing uncontrollably with Kgosi doing his best to calm her down.After about thirty minutes or so she finally calmed down and slept.

The two boys sat in silence,each lost in their own thoughts.The girl looked like someone with a home,a rich one at that.She looked well-kept,and that necklace and earrings  looked like they could fetch a pretty penny.Why would her father want to kill her?,was she a sacrifice?If anything,her father would have killed someone else’s daughter,instead of his own.It would most likely mean her father had acquired his wealth through ritual killings as well.And if she managed to escape,they would certainly be looking for her,because she now knew the secret.”she is surrounded by darkness,she is in grave danger”Mmoloki said,head bowed.Kgosi understood without question.He knew his friend could predict the future and he was able to see things,scary things,that other people could not.They both knew they couldn’t turn her away.Her blood would be on their hands, and that would be a bad omen.

Mmoloki closed his eyes,he rarely prayed,but this time he knew he needed divine help.”please guide and protect us..,he silently prayed.He did’nt know whether he was praying to God or the ancestors,but if either one responded,that would certainly be great.He saw darkness and sorrow in the horizon,blood gushing through the land and  vultures circled above.The girl was bringing trouble,great trouble…

Pssst!hi everyone!I have been toying with the idea to start a story and today I finally gathered enough courage to post the first insert.I hope you enjoy and please do comment,your feedback is highly appreciated!


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