I loved you

I loved you

my heart overflowing with goodness of a love pure

my body taut with passion,lustful

I saw when I looked at you, a man worthy of only the finest

my heart brimming,I tipped it all to you

my warmth,my light I shone ever so brightly

lest you stumble and fall in the darkness

now my chest is just an empty space,full of spider webs

tick, tick,tick..the dusty clock echoes as time flies by,

with no change of seasons,in this dark and dready place

where light never shines


I loved you

bathed your body with the finest perfumes,

clothed you with the finest silk,rose petals at your feet

gave you a crown,studded with diamonds,rubies and sapphires

which proved to be heavy for  your brittle neck

I bestowed you the highest title..you were my king

but I was never your queen,only a lowly servant,

feeding on the crumbs beneath your table


I loved you

trudging through the worst storms to be by your side

bending over backwards to accommodate you,but you were stiff

couldn’t be moved,you stood tall and proud as I danced tunes beside you

never bowing to allow me little rest or luxury

I upturned my whole world,demolished  my walls

so skillfully architectured ,beauty and love embedded in each brick

layed over the years of my life

just to build a pitiful shelter of straw for your convenience


I loved you

yet you trampled on my hear, broke my soul

pissed on the fire burning ever so brightly

I danced on a bed of hot red charcoal for you

though I sometimes  hate you with a passion

I can’t bring myself to forget you,my foolish heart  skips and flutters

at the mention of your name

with a yearning for your love and devotion

I can’t even cry no more,the pools of tears

that once poured down have dried up

Yes I loved you with a great love once

and I am ashamed to say …

I love you still

















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