Waking up

the sound of birds chirping,bugs,crickets

the cool morning air

the first rays of sunshine filtering through the curtain

movies say that you wake up with a yawn

stretch,smile and bounce from the bed with a wide grin

the promise of a new day

the aura of new beginnings

but why do i feel like crap?

ten full minutes,just staring at the ceiling

hating my very existence

hating my job..WHY?why do I have to go to that God-forsaken place

why is life so tedious,demanding?

anger,despair,anxiety at varying levels

a force pulls me down to my bed

so comfy,so warm,my sanctuary

dragging my weary body to the bathroom

I curse the world..cant i just be sleeping beauty

and sleep for the longest time

wake to the kiss of my prince..

who would then never disturb me in my sleep again!


P.S : I am definitely not a morning person,don’t ever make the mistake of waking me up..unless you want me to be tried for attempted murder!



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