She walks briskly through the hospital,head held high

the insults hurled at her on a daily basis..and the stains

oh gosh!the stains..all the excrete of the human body

she soldiers on tirelessly,though her aching body cries for sleep

she smiles even though her heart is in tatters

a million things to do,a million people calling for help

everyone demanding help,always demanding..never asking

so many worker,lawyer,cleaner

the scapegoat for other people’s faults

beneath the cool composure she is frantic,worried sick,exhausted

but nobody asks if she is ok..has she eaten?peed?sat down for even a sec?

she looses a bit of herself within these walls

her amour wears thin,her heart not immune to the sorrows

when there is no reason to smile, and a billion things to cry about..

she remembers why she came here in the first place..

why she chose to labour,for so little,unappreciated,spat on

her compensation is in the smiles and gratiTude of her patients

her honor in ferrying a person home to heaven, peacefully and respectfully

delivering life to this world,sharing this greatest moment with parents

easing pain..physical or emotional

repairing and restoring a person to their wholesome self

SHE IS A NURSE! an angel,real life superhero

with a vow to serve

so smile back at her and ask her how she is holding’s allowed!

say thank you! but  even if you don’t..


I will help you with love in my heart,and a smile on my face

because I am a NURSE!







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