forever in my heart,(mma)

there once walked a queen, majestically among us

I remember her laugh,the parting of her lips in a smile

as she lovingly fondled my head

spoilt like the princess I was..pouting for one thing or another

they would exclaim,and mutter in annoyance that I needed a beating,strict rules

and she would just laugh and gently rebuke me..and burying my head in her bosom

inhaling her scent,I would be comforted and run off blissfully to play

my fondest memories is of her carrying me on her back

even when they said I was too old,she never cared,for i would always be her baby

sitting by the fire at night..she would tell us folktales and we would sing along

falling asleep by the fire,knowing I would be carried to bed in her gentle arms

coming home to the smell of her cooking

the smell of her perfume…

a single mother with four kids,making ends meet

I think about it now with awe and amazement.just of how difficult

it must have been..

She was a lioness,with a roar to shake the biggest mountains

she walked with her head held high..taught me to be opinionated

to drink from the spring of wisdom, and walk among  the great

because I was birthed in greatness,brought up by a woman of substance and valour

they say God never makes mistakes..but maybe this one time he did

looking at her laying peacefully in her casket,my heart broke into a million pieces

reality set angel was gone,her voice never to be heard again

six feet under,now in a world unknown

my soul heavy with sorrow ,my heart bleeding..i couldn’t even cry

blinked away the tears, and shut out the pain

surrounded by people,but I had never felt so alone,cut off from the world

sometimes when I feel as if the whole world is against me..

when all is bleak and dark

or when I see a mother’s day card..a warm moment between

a mother and her old picture of her

the stitches rip and my heart once again bleeds

the twelve-year-old girl in me curls up and weeps her sorrows out

missing the warm embrace  of her angel

then retreats into the subconscious ..into memories past

of laughter and love..and a plaster temporarily closes my oozing heart



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