three o’clock in the morning,still up,staring into the darkness

sleep eludes,your body tired,numb

why?does God really exists?If so..why?

the emptiness, a dull ache..so loud it echoes through the corridors

of your soul

a reminder that you are alone

“get out of your room,bath,walk..for God’s sake do something!”

if only they knew..

your thoughts wander,you argue and rationalize with yourself

are you really needed in this world,will someone even miss you?

you look at your wrist,maybe the blood gushing out will be an act of cleansing,

as u escape this empty world

or maybe pills will do..or a gun,anything..

your thoughts wander,your mind in turmoil

but you are wrong,you have no idea how devastating your absence would be

the void which will be left,never to be filled because there can only be one of you

the guilt,self blame to be carried by your loved ones..

the questions,so many questions,so many “what ifs” and “if only”

i just want to say hang on a little bit longer

th sun..though hidden by clouds will appear

even after the coldest and harshest of winters,comes spring..a season of life

new beginnings and hope

reach out to somebody..someone will respond

with the warmest hug,a smile,nod or just comfortable silence

a gesture enough to let a ray of sunshine in your bleak world

someone was in your same exact position..they hanged on..

and they turned out alright

so please hang on



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