TO MY MUNCHIES ( a dedication to my best friends)

Yes i know i’m an ass,a big one..a bit of a know it all

but its only fair,i do know it all!

A loud mouth,arguing is a sport

Sometimes a recluse,introverted

So in my quietest moments when i reflect on my days

my stay in this stink hole

i can’t piece together why i still have this two munchies

Yes!you have your  imperfections,a few rough edges

but they are what i claw and hang onto..

murky edges on your tranquil springs but there is plenty

of room to view my reflection

So bear with me as i trudge  through your well kept gardens

I am but a dark storm,which brings life in its wake

though the moon might be hidden,a billion stars twinkle just for u

And in this uncertainty which we wake up to each day,

know that i do hold you dearest in my heart..

though it might not show..

you truly are the guardians of my soul

My best friends




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