First blog post

Hi!I’m suddenly at a loss of words,and i have no idea why!Well from a young age i LOVED reading especially fiction.I read anything i could get my hands on, and that was not much.I grew up a small village in Botswana with just one primary school, and no library.Each classroom had a storeroom which served as a library and i spent a whole lot of time in there, searching for books. I remember i used to rush back to school after lunch so that i would look for books to read during afternoon study (1400-1600)In fact by Grade seven a had read most,if not all books in the school.I started borrowing novels from my older cousins during school holidays.They attended a boarding school in another village about 20 km away.When i finally started my junior and secondary school..i had read all the ¬†novels that were studied in Literature.

I have always excelled in essay writing and poetry.As I grew up writing became my biggest passion, and as my vocabulary expanded and I was exposed to the world I grew to love poetry.I wrote lots of poems,which i never showed anyone.So this blog is just to share my  poetry and stories with everyone.My biggest wish is to be published and with my strength,passion and drive,I believe i can achieve this.



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