Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!My name is Bokang Kegorogile, Bokang means “Praise” in English,if you were wondering.I know,It’s an awesome name!I am new to all of this..blogging,sharing my poems,stories.I have been writing poems and short stories for a while now,but I never shared with anyone.One of my friends said I should try blogging and here I am!

I hope my poems and stories will touch your live. I hope you will love reading them,as much I love writing them.Feel free to comment,be it negative or positive.I think it is going to be a lovely journey and it will hopefully grow and inspire me as a writer.Inspiration is around us,they can never be nothing to write about.The good,the bad,and the ugly.I love debating,mostly about political and social issues,so you may find an emotionally charged political post.Or a ranting of one thing or the other,race,socio-economic issues,gender issues.It will just be me,being me!

I am weird,by a lot of people’s assumptions.I love ghost stories,murder documentaries,horror movies,the one’s with demonic possessions and all that stuff.Broken people inspire me,scars whether physical,emotional or psychological are a mark of bravery.I means you fell but you rebuilt yourself,and are in the process of regaining your inner glow.Here is the thing..its good to be weird!My mind is usually a hot mess of awesome!Too many things which I want to share,teach and throw in your faces to piss you off.I usually come off as a little know -it -all kind of person,but it is because I always feel compelled to give my opinion.Don’t just agree because your parents,priest ,idol or person of power said so.Question everything,demand respect and love everybody!


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